By Industry

With MVX, the insights and understanding gained from the multi-dimensional view of business processes, activities, costs and outputs will unleash performance improvement whatever your role or industry sector


Consultants using MVX get results - Fast
Analysts in the Management Consultancy arena are fast discovering the advantages of using MVX Business Modeller to deliver superior business value – and models – to their clients. As well as enabling the consultant to construct business models in up to half the time, MVX Business Modeller removes the limitations and risks associated with spreadsheets such as accuracy, transparency, flexibility and scalability. MVX also has a number of features designed specifically with consultants in mind such as collaboration controls and the ability to create transparent and professional looking reports and presentations for their clients.

With MVX management consultants can:

  • Model complex business processes quickly

  • Analyse the data set in multiple dimensions

  • Align business processes, organisation structure and budgetary responsibilities

  • Evaluate What If? Scenarios

  • View results in tables/grids, process lanes, swim lanes, standard reports and query builder reports

  • Present results to clients directly

Financial Services

Stack the odds in your favour
MVX provides a unique insight for analysts and senior managers working throughout the financial services sector from banking to insurance. In such uncertain times financial service institutions are considering how to reduce risk, widen margins and maintain their competitive advantage. MVX improves performance by empowering operational decision makers across the business to better understand their costs, identify hidden trends and exploit opportunities.

With MVX financial services executives can:

  • Consider the merits of a particular merger or acquisition and quantify the potential synergies to be achieved or to evaluate their various options through running a series of What If? scenarios.
  • Optimise back office costs and productivity

Prescribe the right dose of medicine
With the financial models in the healthcare industry increasingly evolving towards Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), Pay for Performance (P4P),  Consumer-Directed Health Plans (CDHP) and Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRG), Senior managers and consultants in the healthcare industry are turning to MVX Business Modeller to help them to streamline their processes and eliminate waste.

With MVX Healthcare professionals can:

  • Reduce operational costs through an analysis of resource allocation (people, goods and assets) incurred in the activities of each of their processes.

  • Provide an improved service to patients for example shorter waiting times for      appointments and operations through synchronising resource allocation with patient flow models

  • Optimize revenue management through improved process efficiency with regards to      collecting reimbursements from both the public and the private sector

  • Meet regulatory compliance by ensuring operational, patient safety and quality of care standards are achieved.


Squeeze more profit from products and processes
Those manufacturers who have survived the global economic downturn have done so because they have adapted their manufacturing processes to be leaner and fitter. Increasingly they are shifting towards a ‘demand driven’ and ‘made to order’ manufacturing model. Success in the future will be dictated by their level of agility, by their ability to respond to demand changes, supply-chain risks and fluctuating energy, transport and commodity costs as much as their ability to produce innovative new products.

With MVX Manufacturing Executives can:

  • Analyse CRM, production, distribution, supply and R&D processes in line with      the requirements of the demand driven manufacturing model

  • Increase effectiveness of performance improvement methodologies (Six Sigma, Lean and Activity Based Costing)

  • Optimise margins

Public Sector

Balance service with fiscal responsibility
Public sector organizations often lack operational visibility. Data silos prevent a holistic view of programs and spending, causing inefficiencies. Pressure to reduce costs, improve performance and show accountability demand modernization programs that transform existing processes.

Using MVX, leading government, educational and not-for-profit organizations can:

  • Identify where and how to best improve their processes
  • Implement performance improvements in a more efficient and cost effective way
  • Transform disconnected, manual procedures to automated, collaborative processes
  • Achieve higher levels of performance, transparency and program accountability