MVX Introduction


MVX is a powerful analytical tool that facilitates the building of a model of a business that provides managers with insights not readily available from their usual management reports. 

 Management Reports typically reflect budget holder responsibilities or the organisation structure. 

MVX focuses on providing an understanding of the key business processes and where and how costs are incurred in the organisation.  


Businesses generate outputs (products and services) in response to inputs (customer orders).

The outputs of the business are produced by processes that consist of series of activities.

Activities consume resources in the form of people, goods (consumables) and assets.

Various drivers determine the volumes of activities and ratios between processes, activities and resources.

These are the building blocks used to construct the MVX business model.




MVX Business Modeller facilitates the construction of a tree-type model of the business containing multiple levels of processes, each process containing the series of activities necessary to carry out the process and each activity containing the resources consumed/deployed in completing the activity.