See your business from a brand new perspective
  • Accurately identifying primary processes and sub-processes
  • Demarcating value adding and sustaining value adding processes
  • Quantifying the true cost of outputs associated with each of these processes
  • Pinpointing inefficiency and waste in these processes
  • Determining the activities involved in each process
  • Understanding in detail the resource costs (people, goods and assets)
    incurred in the activities utilised in each process
Complex Business Modelling Made Easy with MVX
  • A structured yet versatile framework is provided
  • A powerful data import and export to Excel facility
  • Examine scenarios for What If analyses
  • Create interactive presentations
  • Work collaboratively and concurrently with colleagues
  • Query performance supported
  • Incorporates a powerful report generator
  • Supports swim lane analysis
  • Repository-based functionality
Why MVX Business Modeller?
  • Easy to learn with a powerful and intuitive user interface
  • Easy to manage complex business process models
  • Easy to understand, explain and audit
  • Achieve results more quickly
  • Validate business processes at a stroke
  • Offers collaborative working
  • Affordable pricing model
  • Increase efficiency and eliminate unnecessary costs from your business
  • View unlimited What if scenarios without rebuilding your model
  • Reduce complexity and time spent worrying about errors
  • Enables more informed based decisions
  • Uncover hidden trends and new insights that drive innovative decision making
  • Eliminate errors in your models and enhance business transparency
MVX versus Spreadsheets
  • Complex business models created using spreadsheets get quickly out-of-control
    and are extremely error prone
  • Spreadsheet users can spend hours copying and pasting, debugging formulas and trying to understand where the numbers originated
  • Spreadsheet models are difficult to understand and explain to colleagues and customers
  • MVX Business Modeller improves speed to answers by up to 50% and eliminates errors giving the analyst confidence in the model
  • MVX Business Modeller saves time, money and headaches by eliminating the
    need to maintain inventories of spreadsheets
  • Models built in MVX Business Modeller are graphically represented so are easy
    to understand and explain to colleagues or customers