In Memory Engine backed by Relational Database Storage
  • MVX uses an in-memory model for the fastest possible querying of the data model; the entire model is available instantly from memory.
  • Additionally, for storage, MVX harnesses the power of a full relational database for total data security
  • The combination ensures that the fastest possible access and the most robust storage
Business Modelling with MVX removes the need to rely on a range of different software. It incorporates:-
  • The ease of data entry, sorting and aggregating capabilities of a spreadsheet grid like Microsoft Excel

  • The data visualisation of a modelling and reporting tool like Microsoft Visio

  • The querying and deep data relationships of a database like Microsoft Access

  • Distilled to just the features you need to create powerful business models and compelling reports

A Fully Normalised Model; Data Stored Once and Once Only
  • Every piece of data is stored once and once only, meaning diagrams, graphs and queries instantly update for every change to the model data. 
  • No need to keep refreshing spreadsheet data sources, no error prone duplicating data to Visio or other diagramming tools.