Michael Robertson-Smith – Co-Founder & CEO

As CEO, Michael is responsible for leading the Metavizix team and managing the MVX development programme.  A mechanical engineer by training and alumnus of Imperial College and London Business School, Michael honed his analytical and consulting skills with McKinsey & Co prior to almost twenty years as Managing Director of a number of engineering companies, including two Management Buy-Ins.  Following the sale of his second MBI, Michael returned to consulting and has specialised in advising SMEs and public sector bodies on performance improvement.

With his background as a consultant with one of the world’s leading management consultancy firms and his experience both as a business owner and as an adviser to SMEs, Michael was ideally placed to drive the development of the software project which became Metavizix.  Since the launch of MVX Business Modeller he continues to work on improving the software and spreading the message about the impact the software can have for analysts and business owners alike.


Andrew Hodgson –  CMO

Andrew is responsible for Metavizix's global sales management, distribution channel management and marketing communications. Andrew has extensive experience in international sales and business management in high growth companies. Following an initial career in the UK media industry where he held a variety of senior positions at Incisive Media and ITV, Andrew moved into the tech industry working for Synchronised Communications where he for 5 years served as the Vice President for Northern Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa, where he also successfully managed the printer consumables business from startup to market dominance. Prior to joining Metavizix, Andrew was the Chief Marketing Officer for a market leading eCommerce business in the UK.

With a track record of establishing highly successful businesses in International markets with both direct and indirect distribution strategies Andrew brings world class knowledge and practical experience to the Executive team of Metavizix.

Tom Woodforde –  Co-Founder & CTO

Tom was jointly responsible for the technical specification of MVX Business Modeller and is responsible for the  technical development of the software. A gifted mathematician, Tom has designed the recursive calculation engine of MVX Business Modeller to be uniquely capable of handling many-to-many data relationships in tree-type structures.

 A former civil engineer at Edmund Nuttall , Tom soon found that his keen eye for systems improvement and interest in IT led to him shedding his construction project management responsibilities in favour of designing and implementing the IT software and systems to manage construction projects more efficiently. He later joined Cromwell software where he was responsible for developing bespoke ERP solutions for SMEs. In 2006 Tom co-founded Redox Software – a UK-based bespoke business software solutions provider which helps SMEs harness the latest technologies to improve their operational efficiency.

With a track record of designing and implementing innovative technology based processes and systems for businesses across every industry sector, Tom brings a unique insight and practical ability to the Executive team of Metavizix.

Nathan Green – Co-Founder & CIO

Nathan is responsible for the information architecture behind the MVX Business Modeller software. A software industry veteran with more than 20 years experience  in a variety of high growth software businesses, Nathan has experience of hands on software development, technical implementation and project management.

Prior to founding Metavizix, Nathan co-founded  Redox Software in 2006 – a UK-based bespoke business software solutions provider. As their lead business and systems analyst he has worked with hundreds of SME clients to develop innovative software solutions which reduce costs through introducing more efficient processes thereby maximising profits. His work in this sector over the last 5 years has made him ideally placed to develop the MVX Business Modeller tool.