About Metavizix

Metavizix was founded on the belief that, if managers and executives better understood their key business processes and how and why costs are incurred within their organisation, they could help their businesses to become more efficient and ultimately improve their performance. Traditional business modelling techniques are cumbersome. Creating complex spreadsheet stacks is difficult, time consuming and requires a high level of skill. Even then the models created are error prone, are difficult to maintain as well as to share, understand and explain to others within the business.

There had to be a better way; one where the structure of the model could be defined in terms of outputs (products and services), processes and activities; a piece of software that was easier and quicker to use (even for the relative novice); one that allowed easy importation of revenue and cost data and combined it with process mapping graphics. One that facilitated rapid modelling of key business processes, provided accurate information, captured assumptions and allocations, highlighted improvement opportunities and fast quantification of ‘What If’ scenarios. Metavizix’s core product, MVX Business Modeller, does all of this and more and is the future of business performance improvement for everyone.

With MVX, users are able to see their business processes from several different viewpoints that facilitate insights that would otherwise remain hidden.